Blockchain Innovator

Kumar’s journey in the blockchain has started after he read about the Bitcoin Whitepaper written by Satoshi Nakamoto back in 2013. The World Economic Forum considered the blockchain technology as the most important invention after the Internet. Due to its power and growth beyond visionary platform it is also called the "Internet of Value", of course as internet is the FUTURE of present.

He was captivated with the potential and growth of this technology. With the influence of new technology he first trained himself to build a system that can benefit the masses and reach to a leveraged community of same statics. With a mission to educate people and inspire ideas about blockchain, he made more than 50 appearances as a speaker at parliamentary voiceovers, with various governmental forums and conferences. Hence he stood up against mega minds of so called triggering currencies and stacking strategies to be called as confidential blockchain personalities across the world.

Auxesis Group
Auxesis Group

His vision led to the foundation of Auxesis Group in 2014. Over the years Auxesis has pushed blockchain innovation in partnership with governments and top fortune companies across the globe. Auxesis group has designed a blockchain network called Auxledger, which has emerged as the world’s largest blockchain technology based network, with a user base of 53 Million people. His younger brother, Akash Gaurav, is currently the CEO of Auxesis Group.

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Kumar founded Cashaa in 2016, which has been instrumental in expanding the horizons of blockchain implementation in the Fintech industry. Cashaa’s digital wallet challenges legacy banking and gives people control over their money and brings the cost savings of blockchain innovation to the masses. Cashaa turned out to be a revolution that was supported by 50,000+ people, during its ICO raising over 33 Million USD, in just a few weeks.

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Early Life

Kumar was born in an accustomed family of North India, in a city called Nalanda. His primary schooling was done in Patna and later he studied the computer engineering at Amity University. During his university days he explored many successful ventures. Hence; with his charisma and pragmatism, he excelled into the Semi Finals of India’s most entertaining show, “Beauty and the Geeks”, filmed on Channel V in 2009.

As soon as he completed his graduation he started working as a project engineer with the Wipro in a sustainable technology services, where he designed the navigation system for Ferrari. However, very soon he realized that working for Ferrari is not enough to own one. And during that time miraculously the Italian Government acknowledged his ingenious potential and genius personality; hence honored him with a scholarship to pursue his Masters in” Politecnico di Milano”. During the time in Italy, he co-founded Darwinsurance, the first Italian peer-to-peer insurance platform accelerated by AIG Ita, which was acquired by Esedra in 2016.

Amity University channel V Politecnico D Milano
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Philanthropist Life

Kumar is a great believer and optimistic person in the promise of education and has a philanthropic mission to use education as a tool to uplift billions of people who can't afford it. Having roots of a humble family, Kumar is an excellent metaphor of benefits; uprooted by a proper education. He believes that human resources are the great reservoir for the developing world, and if we are not able to leverage that human resource, it can curse the entire humanity with less or more powerless and ignorant end.

Inspiration comes from the inspired ones and his words itself says: “A lack of education is the source of most human sufferings and evil”. Now he is working with non-profit organizations to build schools, provide meals and books to children who cannot afford it all, and shaping the coming future generation to work smart and grow with prophesies of never giving up.